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NEW – Jealous Cosplayer Forces Mad Max Into Bondage

Max and her best girlfriend Zee decide to purchase tickets and dress up costume play for tonight’s’ movie convention! Zee by coincidence brings the exact same hot green zip up outfit that Max plans to wear. Jealous Zee isn’t having it and subdues Max while in the middle of putting on her make up. Max is chair tied, cuffed and rubber gloved. Her boots are zip tied to the chair. Zee inserts a ball gag and then decides to start filming her annoyed friend figure out what’s going on. Zee finishes getting ready and seals Max’s drooling, pissed off mouth using PVC tape. Poor Max loses but looks super sexy in Zee’s home made cosplay bondage video.

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NEW – Villain Orders Max Barefoot Tied and Wrap Gagged

Happy Holidays from! Our latest customer, The Villain, has ordered Max, a gorgeous feisty fetish slave, to be prepared, muzzled and packed for shipment! Max is barefoot strapped, legs bound in hemp rope and toes tied tight. Her arms are inserted in rubber finger-less mittens and she is arm cuffed and secured in rope. Per order instructions I insert a racing stripe 2″ ball gag tight inside her mouth. She can’t control all that drooling and it continues to drip all over her rubber. In order to deal with this, I wrap a wide microfoam gag around Max’s head. It does the trick to really shut her up but I decide to seal it further with duct tape again wrapped around for security. PVC tape is also added to really hold it all together. Villain is going to be very happy with the package. Max Barefoot Tied and Wrap Gagged is one size fits all. MMMMMMpppppphhhhhhffffffff!

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NEW – Quiet Bedroom Bondage Time For Max

Max is feeling overwhelmed with her corporate job and asked me if I could help. I knew exactly what to do, and take her to the bedroom and tie her up good. Max wears a silk slip and leather gloves. She is bound secure with leather locking cuffs and a dog collar. The leash comes soon. I then insert a rubber pump gag inside her bossy mouth. 1,2 and 3 pump squeezes filler her mouth so words are no longer possible. I then bind her ankles w rope and leave her there to meditate on the bed until I decide to untie her.

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NEW – My Wrapped Up Duct Tape Bondage Slave Max (x3 Gags)

Bondage bitch Max spends a tight bondage evening wrapped up tight in silver and white duct tape. First, a 2″ ball is shoved inside her word trap before I tape it in good and secure using microfoam and duct tape. Her hands are bound behind her back into little duct tape finger balls and she struggles barefoot to try to loosen it up. Next I remove her first gag and cover her head with one of her hoses. I shove the ball back in her mouth and wrap it in secure around her head with duct tape. She can’t see too well and does what she can to continue trying to loosen her bonds, but the tape is too tight. Finally, I apply the 3rd gag, a bandana wrap with ball inside to again keep her from saying anything. She’s still bound head to toe and she looks hot moving around for me, my bondage slave Max.

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