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NEW – Quiet Bedroom Bondage Time For Max

Max is feeling overwhelmed with her corporate job and asked me if I could help. I knew exactly what to do, and take her to the bedroom and tie her up good. Max wears a silk slip and leather gloves. She is bound secure with leather locking cuffs and a dog collar. The leash comes soon. I then insert a rubber pump gag inside her bossy mouth. 1,2 and 3 pump squeezes filler her mouth so words are no longer possible. I then bind her ankles w rope and leave her there to meditate on the bed until I decide to untie her.

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NEW – My Wrapped Up Duct Tape Bondage Slave Max (x3 Gags)

Bondage bitch Max spends a tight bondage evening wrapped up tight in silver and white duct tape. First, a 2″ ball is shoved inside her word trap before I tape it in good and secure using microfoam and duct tape. Her hands are bound behind her back into little duct tape finger balls and she struggles barefoot to try to loosen it up. Next I remove her first gag and cover her head with one of her hoses. I shove the ball back in her mouth and wrap it in secure around her head with duct tape. She can’t see too well and does what she can to continue trying to loosen her bonds, but the tape is too tight. Finally, I apply the 3rd gag, a bandana wrap with ball inside to again keep her from saying anything. She’s still bound head to toe and she looks hot moving around for me, my bondage slave Max.

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NEW – Max Drools and Drools This Bondage Afternoon

Max wears a tight velvet dress this afternoon. We decide to have a little fun so I tie her up tight, and tether her to the ceiling with a dog chain. I first gag her with a tight cloth wrap before changing it and inserting a large rubber ball gag inside her mouth trap. I give her 8 minutes to get out of her rope bondage. Max drools and drools all over her dress as she works on her kinky predicament. Will she get away?

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NEW – Leather Mittens and Gag Keeps Max from the Family Picnic

Max gets all dolled up for the family picnic. However she soon finds out that I know she’s secretly meeting an old friend from school. He’s an old boyfriend and they’re looking to catch up. I have other plans. I act quick! I wait for her nap time and then grab her! After some struggling, Max finds herself now bound and gagged in our living room. I strap her up in leather wrist mittens, and leather cuffs. I bind her torso and ankles in rope and and tie her good and tight. To stop her yelling, I find some notes she kept of his, and wrap them in her sock. Then I shove that sock in her mouth, and use medical tape to wrap that noise maker shut. Max’s phone has now been buzzing for hours. I’ll let her deal with this for the night.

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NEW – Max is Hog Chained and Microfoam Gagged

Tired of the same old afternoon watching tv and nothing to do, Max decides that I should tie her up. She isn’t new to this sort of thing and thinks it’ll help her with her boredom. I waste no time! I grab a pair of leather lockable wrist and ankle cuffs and padlock her in place. Next I decide to make it more interesting and attach a doggie chain to hogtie her in place and keep her from getting up and hopping away. Ooo a rubber ball? Perfect! I pop that sucker inside her mouth trap and tape it in firm using sticky micro foam tape. She’s a little annoyed I did that but she goes with it. She suffers and drools all over our good couch. Makes me wanna keep her tied up much longer for it. Max is a hot afternoon slave bitch.

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NEW – Red Riding Hooded Max Locked In The Armbinder

The bad wolf has bound and gagged Max and put her in the corner. She’s fitted with the leather arminder to keep her arms and hands restrained inside. The wolf removes her head harness gag and stuffs a ball inside her curious trap. Microfoam tape is then applied to secure the ball keeping her mouth open inside. It’s tight and it works very effectively. Max is leather collared and chained to the door and will struggle to try and escape. Poor little Red Riding Hooded Max has lost once again to the big bad wolf.

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