A Bandana, Sock and Duct Tape Gag for Mouthy Max

NEW! – A Bandana, Sock and Duct Tape Gag for Mouthy Max

Maxine has been drugged by her new boss. He’s a weirdo who’s been fantasizing about watching her struggle all tied up in his office ever since she started. Before she realizes she’s in the supply room, he decides he must gag her good to keep her quiet. A ball gag won’t be enough so he ties a cleave gagged using one of the last girl’s bandanas. He then shoves one of her worn socks over her mouth and wraps it secure with thick tight duct tape. The bad man finishes her bondage by adding rope around her arms and waits for her to realize what has happened. Max starts to resist the ties but it’s no use. She’s heavily gagged and bound head to foot. Some temp jobs just have some of the strangest requirements from the new hires. Max will not be able to say anything about it for a long while.

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