Duct Tape

Villain Orders Max Barefoot Tied and Wrap Gagged

My Wrapped Up Duct Tape Bondage Slave Max (x3 Gags)

Red Riding Hooded Max Gets The Pump Gag

A Bandana, Sock and Duct Tape Gag for Mouthy Max

Max Spends The Night Chairted and Stuff Gagged

Max’s Twin Sister Is Caught and Chairtied In Sweater Bondage

Farmer’s Daughter Max Hogtied and Super Gagged

Max is Gagged, Leathered and Tethered

Caught Me A Bondage Snow Bunny Named Max

Duct Tape Challenge for Sweater Bondage Max

Red Riding Hooded Max Wrap Gagged Tight

Too Bad for Max, Thief Turned Prisoner, PT. 1