Max is Hog Chained and Microfoam Gagged

NEW – Max is Hog Chained and Microfoam Gagged

Tired of the same old afternoon watching tv and nothing to do, Max decides that I should tie her up. She isn’t new to this sort of thing and thinks it’ll help her with her boredom. I waste no time! I grab a pair of leather lockable wrist and ankle cuffs and padlock her in place. Next I decide to make it more interesting and attach a doggie chain to hogtie her in place and keep her from getting up and hopping away. Ooo a rubber ball? Perfect! I pop that sucker inside her mouth trap and tape it in firm using sticky micro foam tape. She’s a little annoyed I did that but she goes with it. She suffers and drools all over our good couch. Makes me wanna keep her tied up much longer for it. Max is a hot afternoon slave bitch.

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